MyGrain Lyrics

I am the bestial urge to kill, the hi-tech drug of thrill
In a hyper sleep of mind I electrify your might
Heads amplified to the oscillation of smothered rage
Wired discordance, the new darker age

Artificial afterlife, manifestation of mechanized
System overload, sensory self destruct mode

Bleed electric sanguine dreams, all imbibing gods conceived
Behind the lenses of surveillance, the mirror image, oblivious self
Trained to contaminate, the monitored performance
Controlled in the distance, this tainted existence

Artificial afterlife, menifestation of mechanized...

I am mechanical, system overdrive
I am the animal within, the beast inside your skin
I am supremacy, the instinct of survival
I am the swarm subliminal, the mutiny within

You're the freak machinery, the glitch we created
Reek of enslaving fouls in our race to retaliate
Now bow the god from machine of malfunction
The damaged good, the spawn, defeatd fruition

I am mechanical, I am an animal...

Flat line heart kill, the scaled beast within
Living dead thrill, pulse of shedding skin
Ego hidden bypass generator
Nervous system overdrive accelerator

Bleed for me, your divine obscurity
Give yourself to me
Feed me now, my insatiable hunger
The oblivious cancer

Component in assembly line of vile entirety
Obedient son of the system held by infinite greed
Heed the will to destroy, the war machine of violent joy
Feed the will to control, the messiah for decadent soul

MyGrain Lyrics