Chemical Logic

Discover disaster
Dismantled destroyer
Distorted drum fire
Aborted short wire.

Ch-chainsaw k-killer
It’s over the shoulder
Your sorrow tomorrow
Behavior your savior.

Illogical choir
We die young desire
You slither you wither
The terror your error.

Pig hammer the static
The bats in the attack
Chemical l-logic
Chemical l-logic.

Freak out
Head on
I play the part
You’re gone
I live on the limit.

Freak on the sonic
Beat on the chronic
Melt down some of this
Chemical tonic.

Convulsion iridium
Tactical repulsion
Break it down.

Crush down the pedal
Rush on the metal
Extract some of that
Deafening noise blast.

Crank on the heavy
Main switch dirt witch
Chemical logic
Chemical l-logic.