MyGrain Lyrics

You see right through me
Still I feel so alive
I see the trail of reflections
Flashing to the sky, terminal daylight

I drift where life and death intertwine
The passing, the other side
Catched the fright-train of reflections
Of precious times, flash before my eyes

Come the rain, wash away the pain...

Drown where the sun falls down
Fading dimensions, lightening textures of mind
Crown of the ghost walking ground
See-through layers of lies, buried deadweight inside

Carved in my faceless self
The dead end memories
Drawn to the fright-train of reflections
The skin-line canvas molten away

Reflect the shadow of the sun that never shows in me
Come the rain, master the pain

Looking at me, there's non to see
The ghost in me willing to be real, in my skin
The broken dreams, catastrophes

MyGrain Lyrics