MyGrain Lyrics

Burning in the celestial body
Gravitational collapse in speed of light
Widescale loss of consciousness
The combustion, the ignition...

Lie down to set the fire in the sky
Close your eyes, fall through the space and time

From the luminous sphere of light, stellar explosions filling the night
Butterfly effect out of control, dawn of another creation again

Fall down dying in spectres of light
Breathe through the liquid fire

Chaos theory...
Flash of rendering void

Ignite the coma-white explosion
As you drain away my spirit
Blackest light, blinding reflection
My darkness you inherit
The sky is falling, born another new dimension
I drown myself to fly again
Into the ultimate dimension

The liquid fire
Thirst in my serpentine veins

From the womb of infinite sky
Light years from now, blood burns with shockwaves

Universe beyond the world of concepts,
I am the amorphous interconnectedness
Carnal, ashes to depent co-arising
The meaning connected to everything

I drown myself to fade the lines, the panic grows through my mind
I see myself slowly die, travel into the blackest light
Blinded by the event horizon, it shimmers and burns in me
I see the stretching crimson, the link between the worlds

Floating in a sea of present
With the waves of birth and death
Awaken the realization of non-separate self
Leaving the body for a constant state of change

MyGrain Lyrics