Blood Red Throne Lyrics

Denying life, life is lost
words of wisdom, lead us not
Of Darkness we are, from nothingness we became
Strangle the flame of light, suffocation of Life
Watch us how we fade

We wander alone, from here to oblivion
Embraced by shadows, lead by the enchanter
Enter our tomb to be, why wasnt we told?
a preachers illusion, a dead man`s word

Blinded vision, future divided, masses in ave
salvation for the accused

"Come to me my children, let me lead you to forgiveness"

Leading his disciples to a certain death
they enter cave so cold
Close the gate and enter the world beyond
Light will never be seen again

Trapped inside now, words will not feed
Children cry, elders die
Empty eyes, seduced minds
you will never be free again

Life fading away, blood drained from veins
feeding from the deceased
unborn life will never be
torn out, mothers weep
the prophetess proclaims
yet another worthless pray

Times passes slow, dying illusions
A prophetess alone, all disciples gone
No more souls to reap
harvester achieved
Once again darkness will feed...

Blood Red Throne Lyrics