Lordi Lyrics

As the night falls on the town,
That's when I rise as day goes down.
Through the dusk to you I creep,
I watch you while you sleep.

Free me from my life eternal,
There's no blessing in this curse.
Night by night is so infernal,
And yet it's getting worse!

My heaven is your hell
I'm bound to roam the shadows.
The way you shine is killing me,
We two cannot be one.
My heaven is your hell,
And there is no tomorrow.
If I stay, I'll fade away,
By dawn I will be gone.

As the morning sun will rise,
Bringing death I can't survive.
I should spread my wings,
Oh I should fly, but tonight I choose not to hide.



As the sun enters the room,
I bid farewells to life in gloom.
I burns my skin and blinds my sight.
I hear you scream, but I can't see your eyes.

[Chorus x2]

Lordi Lyrics