Deathstars Lyrics

You fall - so I walk away
Gone with your children's dreams of pain
And the deeper I reach,
I fear not the righteous speech

Did you ever speak that name?
A savaged word in vain
Because I know that you have a hunger
For cold and black

As I rape your soul of virtue
I am the god of lust and pain
Cold and black,
As I slay your soul of virtue
You are a slave of flesh and sin

You fall - so I walked away
And with dying children I play....
And the deeper we go,
You're an actor of a sinful show

You fell
So I raped your heart
Tore it out and ripped it apart

Protect your loved ones
Because it's only chaos I'm after
And you know I have a hunger
For the cold and black

Deathstars Lyrics